Research Production Firm
Chashioglu RP LLC was established on the 25th of September 1995. On the 26th of September, company was registered in the Ministry of Justice with the certificate number of 25743.
Chashioglu RPF is purely concerned in printing and publishing. During the production period, company has managed to publish and print variety of publications for higher education institutions such as textbooks, academic and methodic manual (guidebook), as well school books, monographs of famous scholars, the works of well-known poets and writers and huge amount of high quality materials of government scale.
Since 1998, Chashioglu RPF participated in tenders held by the Ministry of Education for printing and publishing of primary and secondary school books and documents and has always fulfilled all the obligations in manner of quality and time as a winner.
All manuscripts of printed books had been assembled, modified and corrected in our own computer center within the publishing house. The illustrations are also developed by the company artists. Our experienced designers give very refined design to published books. During book processing, mutual interaction with book authors are very important aspect for us. Thanks to the joint cooperation between authors, editors and artists, we have supervised to print many publications with rich content and graceful design.
In our publishing warehouse, we have been developed and published variety of textbooks, manuals (guidebooks) and informational materials in foreign languages such as English, French, Russian, Italian and German. Absolutely all works are carried out by our labor staff.
We have also participated in some international publishing tenders and gained success several times.
Besides printing books, Chashioglu RP LLC is also dealing with printing of magazines, brochures, leaflets, flyers, postcards, various gift cards, envelops and bags.
Overall, our company is able to affair every kind of goods concerning publishing industry.
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