Today’s children have preference for exploring, creativity and investigation, and this tendency, of course, is being posed by teachers. In the present case, modern textbooks and various different sources are the best auxiliary help for teachers.
Organizing lessons through CHASHIOGLU RP LLC is one of the demands of modern era, so it is almost impossible to imagine modern education without ICT. ICT itself is very significant carrier and transmission as well as being creative to the educational process.
In this regard, the multimedia resources are one of the first attempts to solve this problem. These sources will not only reduce the burden of daily basis, but at the same time, it will enable users to gain a wide range of positive aspects in order to open up more opportunities for them to acquire knowledge and skills.
Determination of the quality of education depends on its content in accordance with its needs. In this sense, the use of ICT simplifies the work of user, increases the attention and speed up the admission of information. Therefore, Innovative Educational Sources CJSC is successfully engaged in technical creation, sale and distribution of multimedia educational sources.
The sources are offered in flash cards on www.oxuyuruq.biz web portal. USB flash cards used for this project differs from existing ones, according to its structure. Hence, the USB cards are being protected against the time indicator, deleting or enrollment. Through this, sources are prevented of piracy and intervention to educational sources of unauthorized people. Similarly, the sale of these sources has been organized through Milliön payment terminals. At the same time, Innovative Educational Sources CJSC is emerging Aladdin intellectual gaming set intended for children of preschool age, to the world market.
Currently, a new modified and redesigned model was translated to several languages, such as, Arabic, English, Kazakh, Russian, Turkmen and Uzbek languages.
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