Limited Liability Company
Chahsioglu RP LLC was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan on the 11th of January 2007, with the certificate number of 01.07– P287–47565.
Company’s legal address is registered at 2A Mikayil Mushfig street, Baku, Azerbaijan.
During its activity years, Chashioglu Multimedia has risen to the level of a company with source of full scale which containts interactive software and multimedia educational programs. Over the years, important work has been done in the field of electronic audio-visual multimedia systems. As a result, Chashioglu RP LLC created audiovisual textbooks covering about 55 different subjects, such as, History of Azerbaijan, Biology, Human Anatomy, Chemistry, Arithmetic, Life Skills, English, IT,etc. for primary classes in secondary schools in accordance with international standards. Multimedia systems prepared in two languages (Azerbaijani, Russian) has the stamp of the Ministry of Education, achieved high levels of positive expert reviews attributable to information and entertainment features.
In 2008, Chashioglu Multimedia prepared large numbers of training and testing books, manuals, posters covering a variety of areas, as well as fun table games set projects for the Republic’s pre-school educational institutions and submitted to the Ministry of Education. These visual aids were approved by the experts.
In the following year, new training assists for pre-school educational institutions such as Colored Figures, Colored Rings, Colored Roles, Flower Board, Colored Dominoes, Rainbow, Cubes, Little Buttons, Needle and Button and even more games have been approved by country’s pre-school educational institutions key experts and quickly developed for their use.
These learning sources contributed to development of children’s logical thinking, memory, attention, speech and became supporting aid for tutors and teachers in educational institutions of the Republic.
Chashioglu RP LLC has also taken successful steps in shooting commercials, documentaries, animation films. Thus, it received positive feedback from customers of activities of various organizations such as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Taxes, etc.
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